arts education 


Learning how to represent what we have experienced is a primary means
for contributing to the expanded consciousness of others.

    --Elliot Eisner, 1994

Arts Education

Join me in advocating for arts education that is

  • Interdisciplinary--connecting curriculum between areas of learning.

  • Project-based and centered on student engagement and participation.

  • Connected to the larger global community to invite active citizenship and community involvement.

  • Collaborative and allowing for engagement with practicing visual artists.

  • Accessible to multiple learner types, abilities, cultural experience, and modes of creative expression.

Selected Student Work

Arroyo Pacific Academy, Arcadia, California


Teaching is an interaction meant to stimulate minds and achieve a malleable exchange of ideas. This work emerged from an open dialog with high school students, many new to the materials and techniques they chose to explore.


Selected Student Work

Art Education, California State University, Long Beach


Students developing the skills to teach art need to connect with their own passion for creation and art making in order to enter an engaged collaborative dialog with growing artists.


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