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Each year, the sketchbook project presents a new challenge, direction, idea to pursue. Though materials often remain constant, the visual text strikes a unique identity every time.

Taking Advice

Sketchbook Project 2016


For the 2016 submission, I wanted to create a visual object that could function as a book but also as a sculpture. The process began by deconstructing the sketchbook and reimagining its structure as something other than a traditional book format. The accordion construction still offers the viewer a chance to flip the pages but also lends itself to a bigger picture, a full length vision of all the pages working in tandem on front and back simultaneously.


Submitted April, 2016

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The Importance of Welding on Parts

Sketchbook Project 2015


This sketchbook continues a dialogue with materials and assembling materials to create images that suggest a particular narrative. Dress pattern paper figures prominently, recurring as a strand or dialect spoken in my visual investigations. “Parts of a whole” connected to my working process and motivated the responses found within the sketchbook. Making books completes a desire to communicate on an intimate level with a viewer and hopefully begins a dialogue beyond the front and back covers.


Sketchbook Project Library Call Number: 247.12-8


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Sketchbook Project Digital Library

Overcast Edge

Sketchbook Project 2014


In my second year participating in the Skectchbook Project, I took a thematic approach to explore bookmaking, assemblage, and narrative cataloging through sketchbook meditation on the concept of California. Using these techniques allowed meaning to stem from a variety of locations, redirecting their original intent toward a new voice, a suggested narrative, a pause in action, a moment that offers a trace of becoming.


Sketchbook Project Library Call Number: 234.9-2


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Sketchbook Project 2013


For my first entry into the Sketchbook Project, my approach was a narrative one, to tell a story about a found puzzle piece and to engage the viewer toward believing in and participating with a story. The experience was fulfilling and rewarding as it tapped into my curiosity.


Sketchbook Project Library Call Number: 199.5-2


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Sketchbook Project Digital Library




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