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Multitextual Literacy in Educational Settings: Contextual Analysis and the Dab

Published: 2019. Art Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, 30, 481-504. 

Keywords: multutextual, visual literacy, art education

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Reflexivity as a Process for Coming Into Knowing

Published: 2019. Learning Landscapes, 12(1), 155-170. 

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Stronger Together: Making STEAM Partnerships

Published:  2019, CIRCE Magazine, 92-101. 

Making Partnerships with STEAM

Published: 2018. Making partnerships with STEAM. Art Education, 7, (21), 28-34. 

Supporting the Arts as Disciplines of Learning.
A Book Review of The Role of the Arts in Learning:
Cultivating Landscapes of Democracy

Published: 2020. Democracy & Education, 28(1), 1-3. 

Cover art by Karen McGarry, Woven Artifact Data, 2021,

mixed media weaving, 7x9 in. 

Fig2 weaving artifact.jpg

A White Palette Gathering: A Literature Synthesis in One Act

Published Journal Article & Full Play PDF

(Published article contains an excerpt of the play)

Published: (2021). A white palette gathering: A literature synthesis in one act. Art Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, 6(1), 103-131.

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